Reviews: Big Battles and One Victory

Spoilers for Wonder Woman #28 by Gail Simone, Stormwatch: P.H.D. #18 by Ian Edginton, and Hulk (Vol 2) #9

Wonder Woman #28 Stormwatch PHD #18 Hulk #9

Wonder Woman #28

This issue of Wonder Woman is a lot better than the last one. Mostly because it gives Wonder Woman a mission and gives the story more definition. She’s fighting a god, and she needs to get her lasso back. And the god has something to do with Cheetah. I am looking forward to the next issue, even if Diana has a little bit of General Buffy syndrome. (Thankfully, Simone is a good enough writer to give her some conflict.)

I’m still not so sure what the Zeus side-story has to do with anything, except that it seems to be another parallel for Themyscira and another way to smack down the Amazons. (No, Didio, no one has forgive DC for Amazons Attack.)

Stormwatch: P.H.D. #18

I was instructed to read this by Jason as the Authority is in it. This is the problem with crossovers, and why I’m so glad to have a comic-collecting significant other.

This one fills in the blanks and gives Stormwatch’s POV on why they didn’t contact the Authority earlier. And how they were planning on giving Angie back her powers and how Jackson won over Jack by reminding him that if the Carrier became a city again, he could be healed.

And it was just fun to see Midnighter say that yes, he knows when someone’s going to kick him in the balls. (Thus, preventing the kicking.)

That and Christine telling Jackson off and that he stinks due to wearing his uniform too many days in a row is priceless. He should know better than to hide anything from her. She will find out.

Christine slaps Jackson

Though now I’m worried about Fuji. 🙁

Hulk (Vol 2) #9

Loeb remains my popcorn writer. First, we have WediHulk (a Wendigoed version of the Hulk) and Moon Knight and the Sentry bantering about who is crazier. Then there’s the Lady Liberators taking down Red Hulk and fixing Lincoln on Mount Rushmore. I have to give it to Loeb that he gives She-Hulk some good, strong internal dialog about how sexism is bad.

I’m not really sure I agree with the move of Thundra, who’s supposed to be a big man-hater, making any sort of deal with the chauvinist Red Hulk. However, it does give volume to Red Hulk being more than just a killing machine. Especially given some of the bending morals of the other women in the crowd.

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