Reviews Captain America: Reborn #2-4

Captain America Reborn #2, Captain America Reborn #3, and Captain America Reborn #4 by Ed Brubaker

Captain America Reborn #2 Captain America Reborn #3 Captain America Reborn #4

Erica gives this comic two starsCaptain America Reborn #2 by Ed Brubaker

This comic seems to be stalling. Steve is still floating around in time and trying to figure things out. Natasha and Bucky are still fighting Osborn’s people and get caught. And Reed and Hank are still looking over Sharon’s body. The only thing I wonder about is if Sharon having Steve’s DNA has to do with her former pregnancy.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsCaptain America Reborn #3 by Ed Brubaker

The beginning comparisons of early-years Namor throwing ice near Steve’s body compared to current-times Namor finding an empty casket is brilliant.

I’m happy to see Steve trying to take some action by talking to the Vision during one of his history re-runs. Yay for movement forward of plot.

Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady) helping Bucky escape was a nice touch. I like the hint of a resistance against Osborn, since we all know that’s coming.

Erica gives this comic three starsCaptain America Reborn #4 by Ed Brubaker

I think this issue would’ve been better if I hadn’t been spoiled for the Red Skull putting himself into Steve’s body.

Part of my other issue is that I’m most invested in Steve’s story and his rebirth compared to the Red Skull, Crossbones, and Sin’s family reunion and power-consolidating trip to Latveria. I also don’t really see Doctor Doom as a siding with Nazis; mostly because I’d think a man in a metal suit might find racism too tedious when he’s just trying to take over the world. Of course, leveraging people to kill each other with race works really well.

But I digress…

Steve is so going to have a soul fight with the Red Skull. That’s the only outcome I can see from the body take-over move. It kind of reminds me of that Star Trek: Voyager episode where Kes’ body is taken over an evil genocidal dictator. Only with better writing in the comic book. Though Brubaker can still surprise me.

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