Reviews Echo #15-17

Comic book reviews for Echo #15, Echo #16, and Echo #17 by Terry Moore

Echo #15 Echo #16 Echo #17

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsEcho #15 by Terry Moore

I love where this comic has gone. How is shows the creeping evils of science gone wrong and how it impacts everyday people. While at the same time, the beta suit can be used for good.

Though a tad predictable, Ivy defecting to help Julie is great. I’m also happy to see Pam safe (as possible) under Julie’s watch. (Who bets her powers will be even less predictable as she protects her sister?)

I’m looking forward to the next issue.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsEcho #16 by Terry Moore

I love seeing Julie using her powers for good. Especially since this comic has been focused on how destructive the suit is every since Annie exploded over Moon Lake.

Ivy’s character is really getting fleshed out in a good way. Lulu’s illness really worked well to show where Ivy’s breaking points are. Otherwise, she’s a tough agent and a privileged, confident person. However, she still has some grip on reality. Though I can’t help but think that Ivy’s money will greatly assist Moore in writing himself out of the corner of broke Julie on the run.

Now Moore can just focus on Julie’s broken soul, which is far more interesting than her zeroed out bank account.

Erica gives this comic three starsEcho #17 by Terry Moore

I read this issue aloud to my boyfriend while snuggled on the couch. He’s never read Echo before; however, he knows Moore’s reputation for writing strong women leads. He asked if this was the all guy issue. It was very much so. And all about exposition.

It was nice to get the background on Henri and Annie’s discoveries from Doctor William Dumfries. However, I read this comic to chemist who cried bullshit at a lot of the science which me, the causal reader with some science knowledge, might buy. This is not saying Moore didn’t do his homework. But more that Moore did insert some technobabble for the plot.

I felt the entire issue was a little overdone with the big reveal of what went wrong; Will getting sadder and sadder as it started to downpour; and then Will killing himself as soon as he’s left alone.

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