Reviews Echo #18, #19, and #20

Comic book reviews for Abstract Studio’s Echo #18, Echo #19, and Echo #20 by Terry Moore

Echo #18 Echo #19 Echo #20

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsEcho #18 by Terry Moore

At first, I was like, dammit, not another issue about the guys. It figures that Cain came back. Especially since Annie isn’t really “dead” as it were.

However, the scene between Ivy and Julie was marvelous. I loved just the drawings of them bonding as Julie re-tells the entire plot to Ivy. They seemed so sweet. Yay girl bonding, which Moore always does spectacularly.

Which makes Ivy trying to bring out Annie even more awesome. And I love Annie’s response to yell stop or she was going to kill everyone. I now am a totally Ivy/Julie/Annie shipper.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsEcho #19 by Terry Moore

I was wondering if Cain wasn’t going to find Dillon. And wow, this comic has really upped the action-packed scenes.

Julie’s finally starting to realize that she has to step up and be the hero. This should be interesting. Plus, seems like she’ll be needing into access Annie’s knowledge. (More strangle-time with Ivy?)

Ivy is right that Pam is safest at Ivy’s home. Caretakers certainly help.

I’m rather sad to see Dan die. (While I have hope he was only badly injured, that assassin seemed to be rather good at his job. Which I’m pretty sure is going to lead to a confrontation where he almost kills Dillon and Julie saves Dillon again. At least that’s where my money is.)

This story is in its final countdown.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsEcho #20 by Terry Moore

I’m so excited that it’s action time again. But a little sad in that it means this comic’s coming to a close. (Even though you never know with Moore.)

The opening with Julie having flashbacks to Annie and Dillon’s first night together was brilliant. I love Moore putting his sensory skills to the test. One challenging thing about comics is not overly describe what’s going to be in the art. Moore hits the right note. It just sings.

The scene where Julie freaks out about the auto pilot and Ivy gets back control over the plane reminded me a lot of the fun banter Moore used to write between Katchoo and Francine. It was fun and light. And very nice before another battle. While at the same time, an out-of-control plane worked well to keep the tempo.

I felt the whole part with Ethan and Todd needed more set-up. I needed to know more about these characters in order to really connect. I get why it happened narrative-wise, but there wasn’t the emotional pay-off.

And surprise, surprise. No one really seems to die in this book.

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