Reviews Invincible Iron Man #23 and #24

Comic book reviews for Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man #23 and Invincible Iron Man #24 by Matt Fraction

Invincible Iron Man #23 Invincible Iron Man #24

Erica gives this comic three starsInvincible Iron Man #23 by Matt Fraction

I’m hoping that Tony sleeping with both Pepper and Maria and both of them trading that information will bite Tony’s ass. Otherwise, that scene will be completely worthless. Except to shame the women. Also shouldn’t both of them just pretty much default assume that Tony at least tries to get into the pants of every woman he’s around.

Ghost didn’t seem as scary this issue. I mean, Madame Masque just bitches about Ghost, and he takes forever tracking down Tony and crew. Not to mention, Ghost takes down Pepper first who’s currently the weakest person in the room and the least likely to put a real resistance. Oh, yeah, she’ll fight. However, practically she’s still super weak from her surgery and can barely use the restroom by herself.

(Though total props for Fraction actually incorporating people’s need to pee into a comic.)

On the other hand, anything with Doctor Strange is very handwavy comic science/mysticism.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsInvincible Iron Man #24 by Matt Fraction

In many ways, this issue is a brilliant reconstruction of Tony Stark. This is Fraction at his best relaunching the character into his new era and just in time for Iron Man 2 to hit the screens. Tony’s journey feels perfectly on pace and having come around in full just in time.

Tony and Dr. Strange’s journey through Tony’s fracture mind is spot on. He remembers some things, but not others. Tony feels sorrow for those whose lives he destroyed both in his roles as Iron Man and as head of Stark Industries. His rejection of his parents plays right into this. As does his horror at the end when he realizes what he did to Steve. (Of course, what he doesn’t know is that Steve’s alive again and just down the hallway.)

What this issue makes me sad about is the soon-to-be changing roles of Maria and Pepper, who’d become rather the co-stars of this feature. Yes, I’m sure Pepper will be around given she’ll be in the movie. However, things just aren’t the same without her being Rescue.

Right now, I’ve decided to take this comic off my pull list and only collect it in trades from here on out. I might find myself more satisfied with the stories that way. Especially since Tony has never been my real draw.

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