Reviews Ms. Marvel #48, #49, and #50

Comic reviews for Marvel’s Ms. Marvel #48, Ms. Marvel #49, and Ms. Marvel #50 by Brian Reed

Ms. Marvel #48 Ms. Marvel #49 Ms. Marvel #50

Erica gives this comic two starsMs. Marvel #48 by Brian Reed

The use of Essential here seems very deux ex machina. I guess with her series being canceled and having to go on dates with Spidey, Carol can’t spend too much time doing some old-fashioned detective work.

Unfortunately, Mystique as Carol’s nemesis feels really forced. If anything, Rogue is. But Reed’s already done that plot earlier in this series. On the upside, a Mystique plot will draw readers in and that will be good for Reed’s final numbers. Hopefully, the numbers will make Marvel regret canceling the series, but I doubt it. Until it hits that #50.

When will people learn that you can’t blow up Carol? She absorbs engery.

Erica gives this comic three starsMs. Marvel #49 by Brian Reed

I’m rather glad that Reed took a moment to hang a lampshade on Carol’s anger at Mystique. Who turned out to be behind the big plot against Carol and the destruction of the Churches of Hala. Okay…

And apparently, Mystique gave up caring when Carol died. However, she’s unleashed Captain Mar-Vell back from the dead?

This is rather disappointing knowing that the series is ending next issue. This is rather disappointing as Reed seems to be employing the Loeb-ian technique of creating mystery by just not giving any clues. Or hints. Or set-up. At all.

It was just blah. Plus, in the middle, the art changed and it was really bad. Weird proportions with porn “o” faces.

I’ll miss Ms. Marvel’s series a lot. However, I’m even sadder these last few issues haven’t blown me away with awesome.

Erica gives this comic three starsMs. Marvel #50 by Brian Reed

I thought this issue was supposed to be giant-sized, it didn’t feel that way in anything but the price. Maybe it seemed more sparsely worded than Reed’s other issues.

As someone living in Seattle, I spent a lot of time starring at the city view of Seattle as Carol flew in wondering what was off. I figured the long floating bridge was 520 going over Lake Washington. The major problem was the forest between Seattle and the Lake. There is no forest. Unless you believe Grey’s Anatomy. Perhaps I solved the mystery of the acreage McDreamy bought on Lake Washington with bears and fishing, but most importantly, no one around.

Anyway, I bought the explanation of Mystique just wanting to fuck around with Carol. The Skrulls making clones of Captain Mar-vell, on the other hand, I did not buy. Mostly because Secret Invasion set up all the Skrull invaders as deep undercover Skrulls using their genetic gift of shape-shifting to infiltrate Earth. This doesn’t make any sense that the Skrulls would clone when they can naturally replace people without all the time and effort and 96 test clones.

I’m also unsure how Carol absorbed all the power which blew up Mar-vell. Mostly because Carol died herself of the same type of explosion.

I enjoyed the ending of Carol finding out she just needs to be the best she can be, not the best superhero. (Which really, she’d figured out earlier, another plotting issue.)

Goodbye, Ms. Marvel, you will be missed. Glad you made it to #50 though.

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