Reviews Rescue #1

Rescue #1Erica Gives This Comic Four Stars

Rescue #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick

As a story about Pepper Potts and her time as Rescue, I loved this. I’d been wanting to read the story about how Pepper felt when she gave up her powers for Tony. And here she is, stuck doing “nothing” in Bronson and imagining a conversation between herself and Happy, her dead husband.

What I didn’t like about the story was Mutti’s art. Particularly the way he draws hair. Happy’s hair looks like a helmet, and Pepper’s hair looks like a mullet. I know, as someone with long hair, that it breaks and you get fly-aways. However, in profile and back drawings of Pepper, it looks like she’s competing against Shatterstar’s 90’s look for the best ginger mullet. And at points, I found it distracting — instead of adding to — the story.

As far as DeConnick’s story, I really enjoyed it. I love Pepper being a superhero, and that was one of my favorite parts of Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man, so I’m so glad Pepper has this story to talk about her time as Rescue.

I loved how this story talked about how she would never hang up her new superhero hat because Norman Osborn told her to. After many years of working for Tony Stark, Pepper is not frightened by powerful men. Oh, no, she’s ready to take on them. She’s going to what’s right, both for herself and for those who need her assistance.

I loved how she questioned Happy’s appearance and what it said about her. If she was losing it.

Pepper’s tale is one about how superheroes can’t save everyone. Not everyone lives. Sometimes bad things happen. And how you have to dust off your knees and keep on fighting. I so wish Pepper had her own series.

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