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Sif #1Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsSif by Kelly Sue DeConnick

I really love the art in this, both the cover and the inside. Travel Foreman and June Chung do an amazing cover. Here’s what you do when you want to draw a strong, active character. And hey look, she’s not wearing much clothing, but that’s not my focus. There’s no t&a here. It’s just beautiful all over.

I’ve blogged about Stegman’s art before, and I haven’t always been a fan. But here, I think he does a great job. And he doesn’t do the things I complained about. I love his Sif. I believe she looks like this. Particularly, I love her scenes where she’s not in her costume. And her “fight” with Mrs. Sooner, her landlady. In which she’s wearing a towel, and I still love it.

I didn’t realize until this comic that Loki had taken Sif’s body. I’d assumed Loki was a woman just because he’s Loki and now I’m incredibly bothered by this. I’m really tired of women characters having their bodies violated, no wonder DeConnick writes Sif with a certainly level of PTSD.

I love the interactions of Beta Ray Bill, Sif, and Bill’s girlfriend Ti Asha Ra. DeConnick nicely underplays Sif having had a relationship with Beta Ray Bill and the awkwardness of being introduced to your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

DeConnick put in a nice touch when Sif says, “I could be the warrior you require” when Beta Ray Bill requests Thor to help him out with Skuttlebutt’s takeover by an alien virus.

The whole plot surround Skuttlebutt seems very comic book plot cut and paste. It’s certainly the weakest part of this tale. A few other reviews I read said it seemed very derivative of Walt Simonson’s classic ’80s run on Thor. (Does this make DeConnick and Fraction the Simonsons of the current era?) However, DeConnick does make a good play by having Sif beat the virus by sheer force of will.

The ending is just perfect with Sif wishing Beta Ray Bill and Ti Asaha Ra happiness and Ti Asaha Ra wishing Sif peace. Loved those last two pages.

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