Reviews Spider-Woman (Vol 4) #7

Spider-Woman #7Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsComic book review for Marvel’s Spider-Woman #7 by Brian Michael Bendis

I really need to stop telling people which comic books I like. Because similarly to my favorite characters being killed on TV, my favorite comic books seem to bite the dust quickly when I announce to the world how much I love them. Goodbye, Spider-Woman.

Or for now anyway…

I’m not really sure why this comic ended. For the most part, it sounded like Maleev wanted a break or was bored or something. Wow, there are so many things about my 9-5 job that I find boring and wouldn’t it be great if I could just say, you know boss, this is boring, how about I just read comics and review them instead for a while? Brilliant.

I guess part of my disappointment is this comic was a teaser for years. In August 2008, Jason and I decided to order our Marvel titles directly from Marvel. We ended up not continuing due to the time it took for Marvel to ship them (sometimes over 1 month later) and the condition they arrived in. Yes, I actually had to complain about my regular postal deliverer to her boss. And my comics still got bent.

Anyway, when She-Hulk was canceled back in April 2009, Marvel moved my 8-issue left subscription to Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman #1 came out in November 2009. It was canceled at issue #7, which means I still have 1 issue left with Marvel. (I’ll be getting the new Black Widow comic.) Doomed, I tell you.

Onto the issue, Agent Brand must have the hook up for wireless phone/G3 service. Seriously, my fancy pants smart phone disconnects me on a regular basis, much less when I’m on the side of buildings or in garbage bins.

I really enjoyed Agent Brand’s bit about why she hired Jessica. How Jessica is the type of agent she likes working with. And how Jessica’s cooler than Spider-Man, just saying.

I don’t really understand why Jessica seems surprised or annoyed that Zhang Lee didn’t know her boyfriend was a Skrull. Granted, she’s kind of stupid to believe the Skrull claiming to be Spider-Man when everyone knows Spider-Man’s only in NYC. But seriously, Skrulls excel at blending in. Tigra has sex with Skrully Hank Pym and didn’t know it, and she has Avengers training and enhanced cat senses.

Zhang Lee and Jessica Drew
Does Zhang Lee have pupils? And doesn't Jessica look awesome?

Anyway, can we talk about the art in this scene? I love Jessica here. She jumps off the page. But as for Zhang Lee, where are her irises and pupils? Where?

Oh, Jessica realizing too late that it’s stupid for her to go after a healthy Super Skrull on her own. Especially one who was previously happily enjoying (and hopefully tipping) some strippers. Thankfully the New Avengers show up just in time. As annoying as it was to have the “oh, no, are my once friends actually my enemies in disguise’ routine — I must’ve been more burnt out on Secret Invasion than I’d thought — at least it makes logical sense for Jessica to worry.

Usually, I’m a huge fan of Maleev’s art, but here I also think he comes up short with the Avengers. Maybe it’s just the odd-angle of them falling from the sky in the 2-page spread. But going through the rest of the book, I find that I really dislike his take on Ms. Marvel. She looks like the woman of plastic. And maybe that’s how a blonde woman in a bathing suit costume looks to him. Plastic. But it’s Carol dammit, and she’s more than that!

Jessica and Carol together again, woot! I love them. Their little conversation here is great. Jessica being so out-of-touch with technological advances in mainstream culture works really well as a nice realistic touch.

For a moment, I was worried Wolverine would just take the Skrull out, but Jessica did it.

I liked Jessica’s interaction with Wolverine back on Carol’s quinjet. (Remember when Carol was awesome and stole it?) Bendis creates a nice loop of dialog to tie back into issue #1. And Maleev’s take on Wolverine’s face and hair is rather unique and awesome.

Of course, there’s go Jessica bailing back into the sky.

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