Reviews The New Avengers #55-57

The New Avengers #55, The New Avengers #56, and The New Avengers #57 by Brian Michael Bendis

New Avengers #55 New Avengers #56 New Avengers #57

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsThe New Avengers #55 by Brian Michael Bendis

So I’m supposed to believe that Tony Stark just left a powers killing device lying around for anyone to steal. Yeah, right. I feel like Bendis hasn’t been reading Fraction’s Iron Man book. Which is all about Tony making sure all his technology is out of Norman Osborn’s and other baddies’ hands. Let’s line up more than Dark Reign continuity.

Character wise, I love seeing Bucky get mad at the Avengers for being slobs. It’s true that they’re very used to others picking up after them when they used to have Jarvis around. (One of my favorite Jarvis moments is in Slott’s She-Hulk when he’s clearly frustrated with She-Hulk and her partying ways. Partying ways that get her kicked out of the Avengers’ Mansion.) I supposed if you’re a superhero, you don’t have a lot of time to vacuum or dust. However, as a soldier, Bucky probably has a little different take on cleanliness as part of his routine.

I often wonder why Spider-Man’s the only one with real consequences when he reveals his identity to people. It’s nice to see him maintaining his autonomy in that he still doesn’t trust them to keep his secret identity. That said, Jessica could’ve used a better excuse than ‘I knew you in high school’ for a real reason why she wouldn’t give up Peter’s identity. Perhaps something more realistic like ‘we’ve been in life and death situations and you’ve had my back and I have yours.’ Or maybe I’m projecting my own high school experience onto Jessica.

Nice call out to Wolverine being missing from the New Avengers. Maybe they’ll just keep him in the X-books. Though I did notice him in the pile on the cover. Oh, sales and marketing.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsThe New Avengers #56 by Brian Michael Bendis

I’m really enjoying Stuart Immonen’s art in this book. I love the way he draws women kicking ass.

This issue was Mockingbird’s in a way. Her moment to shine and prove to the team just how good she actually is: all back from the dead and everything. Sure, her thoughts were on how overprotective Clint is, but really, they’re all rather overprotective of the one woman who’s not superpowered. I love seeing her handle Cap’s shield and being Captain America for the day.

Bobbie uses Bucky's shield.
Bobbie uses Bucky's shield.

Speaking of that, I fussed for about an hour when Clint was affected by the power drainer. I was like ‘wait, Clint doesn’t have any superpowers.’ I even went on Wikipedia to prove this. If I just would’ve kept reading, Mockingbird points this out too.

I’m seeing the Hood coming back with his new powers to beat the crap outta his out-of-line bad guy cabal, yes?

Erica gives this comic three starsThe New Avengers #57 by Brian Michael Bendis

I do like the idea that no one can defeat the depowering weapon. However, I was rather hoping to see Mockingbird smash it as she rescued all the rogue Avengers. Despite this not happening, Mockingbird was still most awesome.

In a way, I feel this book was once again taken up as a place to further plot for Bendis’ giant crossover of doom: The Siege.

The Night Nurse’s addition was key. However, you’d think being Doctor Strange’s ex-girlfriend, she’d have some magical protections around the place that might not stop the Dark Avengers, but at least hold them off for a while.

And there goes Luke Cage being Bendis’ woobie again.

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