Reviews The New Avengers #58, #59, and Annual #3

Comic book reviews for The New Avengers #58, The New Avengers #59, and The New Avengers Annual #3 by Brian Michael Bendis

The New Avengers #58 The New Avengers #59 The New Avengers Annual #3

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsThe New Avengers #58 by Brian Michael Bendis

And now, on Luke Cage being Bendis’ woobie, part zillion and a half. Really, I was more interested in the other stuff. I swear.

Once again, the Night Nurse was awesome, and I love Bendis positioning Ms. Marvel to be a leader, once again, as he did in Mighty Avengers. I’m glad to see this continuity thread of her new-found self-confidence from her solo title being kept here.

I thought the fight scene in the sewer was incredibly well done. Everything from the dialog to the coloring was smooth and effortless, which means a lot of time and effort went into it. Everyone’s moves showed so much about their character. Mockingbird was caviler; Bucky tried to be the leader and in the end, pulled out a darker move; and Ares was nothing but a God of War. I loved Bucky shooting Ares directly under his chin. Obviously, not going to kill a god, but might slow him down a bit.

I’m not sure how much the moralizing voice of Jessica’s adopted mom was needed in the text. It felt too much of the writer having a child rearing argument with his mother/mother-in-law and projecting in his story. Especially the dig about Fox News. Hopefully, anyone reading this comic with a lick of sense would realize Luke and Jessica don’t have the ideal baby-raising situation.

However, Jessica’s reaction when she found out about Luke was perfect. I loved Carol going after her. Their friendship has been something I’ve missed since the end of The Pulse. I don’t wonder if this is going to be the excuse to get Jessica back in a uniform. If it is, I won’t be complaining.

Erica gives this comic three starsThe New Avengers #59 by Brain Michael Bendis

This issue felt very slap-n-dash. It seemed like I read it by the time I opened it. Bendis is sometimes known for his scarcity with words, but this felt shorter than normal. Maybe #60 will be a double-issue?

I’m continuing to love Stuart Immonen’s art on this title. It brings some superhero flash. And he keeps drawing Jessica and Carol just a little bit closer. Or maybe Bendis is secretly positioning Carol to be Jessica’s girlfriend. But how does that translate to Bendis’ love of Luke Cage?

Luke, Jessica, and Carol: ?
Luke, Jessica, and Carol: ?

Anyway, enough about shipping. Of course, Osborn planted a bug inside Luke. However, I don’t believe that Daredevil wouldn’t have heard it. Sorry, just read too much Daredevil, specifically Bendis’ run on it. Hello, Matt Murdoch would hear it. Unbreakable skin does not mean sound-proof; otherwise, they wouldn’t have to worry about a listening device. Just a tracker.

Victoria Hand remains awesome. I love her yelling at the grunts to turn off the red emergency light.

Erica gives this comic five starsNew Avengers Annual #3 by Brian Michael Bendis

Thanks for the awesome birthday present, Bendis. At least, the way I’m looking at all the comics that came out on my birthday week is birthday presents for me. Well, the good ones anyway.

Finally, an all-girl rescue team. Seriously, those are some powerful women. They completely were overdue to shine in the light. Plus, Jessica back in her uniform. Though she needs to loose the earrings when fighting. Mine fall off when I’m changing my shirt, much less pumbling the Dark Avengers. Well at least they’re all wearing flats.

I rather loved the scenes with Clint tied up naked and being tortured. But that’s just me. Not to mention I’m pretty sure he distracted Bullseye from his target by flashing him. Because for some reason they decided to take off all his clothes. Okay, it’s an approved torture method by the CIA/military, but still my birthday present from Bendis.

Bendis’ take on Bobbi and Clint’s relationship is endearing. However, really similar to Jessica and Luke’s. Except perhaps Jessica and Luke are better communicators than Bobbi and Clint, believe it or not.

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