Reviews Uncanny X-Men #517-519

Comic book reviews for Uncanny X-Men #517, Uncanny X-Men #518, and Uncanny X-Men #519 by Matt Fraction

Uncanny X-Men #517 Uncanny X-Men #518 Uncanny X-Men #519

Erica gives this comic three starsUncanny X-Men #517 by Matt Fraction

Did they kill all the X-Predators? I stopped keeping count by the end. And seriously, didn’t X-23 kill one by herself in “Messiah Complex,” making it not just Wolverine who’s killed one?

I liked Magneto getting tired and a little grossed out by his part in killing them. Though Scott’s comment to Northstar that this was the X-Men, not Alpha Flight, was really bitchy considering how long Northstar’s been a member of the X-Men too.

Namor’s totally going to give himself credit for killing that one.

I’m hoping the explanation to why the Phoenix force left the Cuckoos is explained in this title, not the other X-books so I don’t have to buy any more. (Of course, that’s what Wikipedia is for too.) Maybe it’s just a good excuse to get the Void out of Emma.

Rogue’s new powers are very intriguing. As is Danger as the prison ward. I wouldn’t mind seeing either have more storyline.

Erica gives this comic three starsUncanny X-Men #518 by Matt Fraction

At first, I thought Emma’s diamond form having some mind of its own could be a really interesting plot. Then I was rather relieved that Emma’s “dark side” is just Emma. Makes for a better plot.

However, what I don’t buy is that the Void wanted to be in Scott Summers’ mind the entire time. Unless the Void is being controlled by Osborn. What does the Void care? Or is Fraction actually going to give the Void a purpose besides being the too powerful Sentry’s Achilles’ heel?

I agree with Bobby that the Beast is being far too emo.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsUncanny X-Men #519 by Matt Fraction

So was this one of those Scott doesn’t want Emma to know how awesome Jean was things? Jesus. Anyone who knows anything about the long Scott and Jean history can’t deny that they wouldn’t have affection for each other. Or is this some secret set-up for Jean’s long-coming return?

I really liked this cover. I just gave Greg Land a compliment, note this moment. When I pointed this out to Jason, he make a snarky comment about how Beast can’t be traced from a Jessica Alba photo.

With Emma, Scott, Professor X, and Psylocke working together, it seems that Professor X is rather back in the fold these days. To trust him to make the call whether or not to lobotomize the two people who basically stole the school out from under him is a big step forward. Did I miss an issue or was it in another series where they all made up nicely?

I really loved the conversation between Magneto and Namor. They are such bitches. Awesome bitches. Namor’s line about finally having an adult to talk to who can make decisions is priceless. I love it. This is why I like them; they’re not emo whiny boys who sit around complaining. Except when you’re annoying them.

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