Reviews Wonder Woman #41, #42, and #43

Comic book reviews for DC’s Wonder Woman #41, Wonder Woman #42, Wonder Woman #43 by Gail Simone

Wonder Woman #41 Wonder Woman #42 Wonder Woman #43

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsWonder Woman #41 by Gail Simone

The Crows being the children of Ares and the Amazons felt a little anti-climatic. Though now I suppose this is Simone tying up her loose ends before giving the title over to Straczynski. But, of course, in the traditions of Wonder Woman, the children are being rehabilitated on a secret island.

I love Achilles and his olephant Mysia and his monologue at the beginning. Also Diana totally setting him up with the real estate agent for the win.

The battle between Diana and Kara was pitch-perfect. Kara might be under a spell, but at her core she still respects Diana, and Diana taps into that. This battle felt like a real one pitting two superheros together. Which is excellent considering how many female superhero battles turn into a gratuitous T&A fest.

After all these years, Diana still needs help with her self-bondage. Though I always love it when she uses the rope on herself in order to win the battle.

I’m so glad that the gorillas saved Etta and Steve from the spell.

The last page with Kara and Diana chatting was awesome. Yay for female friendships. Even if the art did get a little T&A when Kara stretched her back.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsWonder Woman #42 by Gail Simone

I found the opening Green Lantern story incredibly sad with the destruction of the world by the Silver Serpents. I was suspicious, given I don’t read Green Lantern and wasn’t keen on a crossover in this title, especially given the recent Lantern epic.

Thulka Re’s line about feeling sad for others as the “cost of compassion” was brilliant. Because Simone has crafted a story of compassion. I felt sorry for the world, for the child left behind. For Thulka being killed and for Kho Kharhi and Procanon Kaa and their loss and narrow escape.

I really enjoyed Diana’s conversation with Steve. They are such old friends with no pretensions. They can be as honest to each other. Except that Diana holds back about Genocide being her corpse. Clearly, she does not want to admit the possibility that she could ever turn into an ultimate evil. (Except that whole Blackest Night thing…)

My favorite moment after Washington D.C.’s attacked is Etta asking for her gun and pants. Because she’s awesome like that.

Obviously, the red herring about the invaders turning out to be Amazons was that they wanted to keep all the women. There’s nothing like family when it comes to Diana’s world.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsWonder Woman #43 by Gail Simone

My favorite part of this comic is by far Etta. I love her tearing out of the hospital, driving, cast be damned. And telling Steve exactly what’s going to happen. Right before she started bossing around Achilles. Love it.

Scott and Dagnino’s penciling duo reminded me a lot of George Perez’s art. It seemed very quintessential Wonder Woman in every way. Regal, beautiful, strong, and kickass.

Astarte is a rather interesting study in what the Amazons could’ve become. Astarte calls Hippolyta a “cry baby” which makes me think there’s more to this about why she left. The whole fight to the death thing seems rather overblown, especially since a while ago, Wonder Women did the cage-match fighting thing.

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