Rocket Raccoon #1, #2, and #3 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Rocket Raccoon #1, Rocket Raccoon #2, and Rocket Raccoon #3 by Skottie Young
Average rating: 2.6/5 stars

Rocket Raccoon #1 Rocket Raccoon #2 Rocket Raccoon #3

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsRocket Raccoon #1 by Skottie Young

To capitalize on the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel finally figured out how to release matching comic books to get people into comic reading. Amazing. Now if they only figured out how to give comics away at movie premieres instead of just posters.

I always love Young’s work. His art is just fantastic, and I can’t think of anyone more suited to draw and write a story based in space. Particularly one that’s supposed to be fun in the same way the movie was.

The opening fakeout of Rocket wearing a suit that made him much taller worked so well. I loved this second fakeout of Princess…but really General Amalya. You think she’s a damsel in distress, but instead, she’s leading Rocket’s ex-girlfriends against him. That said, I hope there’s another reason, besides jilted hearts, that the women are angry with Rocket. Like maybe he stole from them. However, it is humorous to think that much of Rocket’s love life.

I do think that if people read this book before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy that Groot’s death will be less impactful as Rocket picks up a little piece of him after the fight.

Definitely looking forward to seeing just what the other racoon like Rocket is up to. And the ladies.

Erica gives this comic three starsRocket Raccoon #2 by Skottie Young

The art is definitely my favorite part about this book. I love Young’s style so much.

The plot wasn’t as great at the first issue. Most of this issue was consumed with Rocket being processed in the jail and then escaping said jail. I didn’t find him quoting all those movies as funny as we were clearly supposed to find it. I did, however, find the scene where he beats up his cellmate and yells at everyone, “Anyone else wanna try to pet me?” Because yes, that’s probably what I’d do too if I have a raccoon cellmate, who talked.

Having his jail companions dig a hole and then assuming it was to tunnel through (on a space station jail), but then using it to regrow Groot was pretty clever.

Curious as to the story behind the other raccoon still. Sounds like we may get more information next issue.

Erica gives this comic two starsRocket Raccoon #3 by Skottie Young

Not feeling it for this book much in this issue. I love Young’s art, but I’m not sold on his storytelling ability. Also, the plot seems to be a bit more complex than needed, at this point anyway.

Rocket’s a hard character to build empathy for, especially when he’s on the run. Sure, he was framed for those murders, but we all know that he’s murdered a lot of other people. I’m also not sure that we readers need to have empathy for him. But perhaps there does need to be more to the story instead of Rocket and Goot running around and shooting at things. Or maybe I’m just the wrong audience.

I was hoping that the mystery raccoon would show up earlier. It would’ve been nice to have just a little plot resolution.

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