Saga Vol 2 Graphic Novel Review

Saga Vol 2Erica gives this comic five starsSaga Vol 2 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Volume 2 is definitely taking the story in interesting and new directions. I like it alot. I’m glad that the story’s growing and that Hazel apparently has insights into both the past and the future. I’m always curious to see what foreshadowing Vaughan’s layering down.

Staples’ art remains beautiful. The outer space drifting vibes work so well with her pencils. I love the script quality and how inside the tree ship there’s a different, more organic feel going on.

I’m wondering if Marko and Alana don’t break up in the future. Or at least maybe their marriage deteriorates. Or perhaps one of them dies. This book was definitely full of the history of Marko, and I can’t help but think that Barr’s death might be a foreshadow of Marko’s own demise.

Alana and Marko’s love story was cute over D. Oswald Heist’s book. They’re pretty dorky. And it’s not surprising that soldiers would want some normalcy in their lives. Especially since they’ve been fighting far longer than any of the characters have been alive.

Vaughan did a great job at creating Barr’s character and making you like him, but killing him in such a short span of time. I only wish that Klara had some more characterization to her.

The addition of Gwendolyn is fun. I love that she’s Marko’s pretty pissed off ex, who’s royal. That’s not something I expected when Klara and Marko talked about her, and Klara categorized her as a draft dodger.

I still don’t care about the Prince Robot IV. He’s still dumb.

I’m glad that Slave Girl was rescued by the Will. But I hope she gets more characterization besides slightly crazy prophetic. And gets a new name. Sure a lot of these characters have names like “The Will” and “The Stalk” but she seems like she needs a real name.

The Lying Cat’s still the best. I wish I had him around for some help.

I cannot wait for the next trade. This is definitely one of the best ongoing comic book series. Anyone interested in a well-written tale with some art that takes place in space, especially if you like road-trip stories.

Hop in this tree spaceship and buy Saga Vol. 2.

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