Saga Vol 5 Graphic Novel Review

Saga Vol 5Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsSaga Vol 5 by Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Fiona Staples

This volume was a bit heavy-handed about the responsibilities of parenthood. The metaphors too literal and strong. I kind of hope that we find out that an elderly Hazel has been narrating the whole thing. Also, as these issues go on, she’s becoming something on an unreliable narrator or at least one who lives very much in the moment of her story.

It’s not surprising to see more deaths in the book. I thought for sure Klara would be the goner in this book. But instead, it was The Brand and also Yuma. (I now think this book needs more female characters.) Since I really like The Brand, I’m a bit upset by that. Though technically we don’t know what happened to Klara.

The reveal that Gwendolyn named Sophie after herself was pretty powerful to show their connection. Sophie has definitely become more than just her charge while they try to heal The Will.

The whole male dragon thing was like a 12-year-old wrote this book. Seemed like a giant distraction from the main point.

I’m glad to see that time is passing a little more quickly in these books. Seriously, baby characters are never that interesting, same with the toddlers. And if you want action and adventure, it’s hard to always have a small child strapped to someone in these situations.

The Will’s reaction was pretty harsh. He obviously thinks a lot about his sister, and it’ll be interesting to know more about their relationship. Of course, we won’t actually get anything of the two of them together, unless there are flashbacks.

Ghus remains adorable. If kind of useless.

Unsurprising that Prince Robot IV is always trigger happy and doesn’t think before he does anything. Dengo was an easy kill. Prince Robot IV’s a ball of reaction and emotions. Maybe with a little PTSD and sex addiction/closeted gayness. I suppose Prince Robot IV now won’t immediately arrest Marko and Alana.

I appreciated Staples detail of Alana getting caught in her pink house slippers and then eventually she’s just barefoot as they escape the rebels ship.

The whole part with the rebels just seemed excessive and like a distraction. Especially considering they were entirely destroyed and wrapped up in a couple issues in one tradepaperback. I wanted more about the characters I actually care and am invested in.

Marko and Alana’s reunion was interesting. In that Hazel made it seem like it was never going to happen. Of course, what she meant was with her.

Get some parental tips with Saga Volume 5.

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