Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday (May 1st) is Free Comic Book Day. That’s right, you go to your local comic book store and you get free comics for all ages. Free Comic Book Day is awesome. Also awesome in that many stores run promotions during the time, sales and giveaways. You also might run into your friendly neighborhood comic book podcasters interviewing people. (At least in Seattle, anyway.)

I always end up visiting a several stores in the Seattle area and spending a lot of money. If you’re unsure of where a comic book store in your area is, there’s a comic store locater on the left side of page. Or you can ask me. I already helped my grandma out.

Free comic books I’m looking forward to: Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock, Atomic Robo, and Owly And Friends.

I’ll leave you with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) explaining all about Free Comic Book Day.

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