Secret Invasion #8

My thoughts are Jason’s thoughts: “I know what we’ll do, we’ll make this storyline about how you don’t know who anyone is and then at the end we’ll bring back all these old characters, and then we’ll get this guy to draw them who draws everyone the same. It’ll be awesome.”

Killing Janet was lame. And makes one less woman on a major superhero team.

Also, ooh, everyone hates Tony Stark. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Though now I have to pick up Dark Reign as Emma Frost’s one of the main characters and being all morally gray. I can’t turn that down. Damn you, Bendis.

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  1. Re: Secret Invasion, I feel like I’ve got nobody to blame but myself. I had no positive expectations for this story but I got it anyway because I wanted to “keep up.” I do like Yu’s art, though. And, while the Janet thing was stupid and pointless, they did restore Spider-woman and Mockingbird (plus Wanda’s coming back soon, most likely) so they’re at least aware of the women issue.

    I’m holding the line on Dark Reign, though. I don’t really like Bendis’s writing of Emma, and there’s supposed to be an ‘Uncanny’ annual in a couple months that explains the whole thing.

    Also, did you get the latest ‘New Avengers’? I didn’t because the cover was generic but apparently the insides are all about Jessica Jones and Luke and the baby. I’m going to get it when I can, and I hope there’s some good Bendis to wash out the bad Bendis!

  2. @Caroline — I’ve been reading New Avengers regularly since it started, and at first, I was really excited for Secret Invasion because of how Bendis set it up in those comics. However, as it dragged on, and it just wasn’t that interesting. I wanted to know why I cared. But it is cool that Spider-Woman and Mockingbird are back. The former isn’t that surprising though as she’s one of Bendis’ favorites.

    Yeah, Fraction twittered a while back that the upcoming annual was all about Emma. (BTW, do you follow comic writers on Twitter. Hilarious.)

    I haven’t gotten the latest one yet. Jason and I decided to save some money by getting a subscription and they haven’t been arriving on time yet.

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