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Cage Pushes For She-Hulk

That’s right. Little Nicky Cage wants to make a She Hulk movie. He was inspired by doing the Ghost Rider film and wants to cast his co-star Eva Mendes as Jen.

I have mixed feelings because, on one hand, yay She Hulk!, and the other, I’m not so solid about Cage’s recent movie attempts – actor, directorial, or otherwise. And I haven’t seen Eva in something that would be a good rating of her acting skills. Though she is pretty.

Swinebread blogs Savage She Hulk Sensations – a lovely tribute his love to She Hulk and why Slott’s run is the only current Marvel comic he’s reading.

In other news, I took my She Hulk action figure to work today. Everyone thought she was pretty awesome as I perched her on my barking dog machine.

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