Sex Criminals #13, #14, and #15 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Sex Criminals #13, Sex Criminals #14, and Sex Criminals #15 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky
Average rating: 3.6/5 stars

Sex Criminals #13 Sex Criminals #14 Sex Criminals #15

Erica gives this comic five starsSex Criminals #13 by Matt Fraction
Art: Chip Zdarsky

Alix has arrived! Fraction has been promising that Sex Criminals will have an asexual character, and she is here. I absolutely adored her asexual awakening to Karl Sagan and the universe’s secrets. So freaking good.

Not to mention all the scenes with Alix in high school and having issues with her boyfriends. I might not be asexual, but it was easy to identify that kind of pressure to be super sexual with your high school date. And omg, how many times do men and boys used freaking blue balls like you’re giving them cancer and they are going to die. This felt so familiar in so many ways.

Interesting that she knows Douglas and has met the cum angel. Somehow I can see Alix being effective when Suzie and Jon super failed and Jon just broke his arm.

Looking forward to seeing how this all reflects back on our heroes…over in that coffee / tea shop.

Erica gives this comic three starsSex Criminals #14 by Matt Fraction
Art: Chip Zdarsky

There’s a weird thing with this book and this issue felt like a tipping point: where we have a serious issue and it’s avoided. I appreciate Fraction being conscious of not wanting Suzie to slut shame Anna and likewise, it felt avoiding of the issues and the growth of them as characters. There are so many arguments in media pitting two women against each other over a man (which is this fight) where it degrades into slut shaming, weird monogamy patriarchal issues, etc. I’d actually like to see two adult women working through the issue in a productive, non-hairpulling way. I don’t expect Fraction to write it, but it would’ve been nice.

Oh Doctor whatever-his-name-that-I-can’t-remember-as-this-book’s-publishing-hasn’t-be-consistent is catching onto Myrtle and her weirdness. Eventually she’s going to have to tell him something to account for the weirdness. Also I can’t wait to see them fuck with Jon’s mind because something needs to happen.

Yep, those are my thoughts about this issue. Even the Bowie references didn’t make me enjoy it more. I know you tried hard, Zdarsky.

Erica gives this comic three starsSex Criminals #15 by Matt Fraction
Art: Chip Zdarsky

The tentacle cum angel just needs to off a few characters that we really don’t care about. Or I don’t care about. Like Jon and his therapist. Whose name I still can’t remember. I don’t think it helps at all that this book is wildly inconsistent in publishing dates. I get the creators have lives and other gigs, but behind publishing schedules tend to lose the thread.

Zdarsky continues to delight and entertain us in the art. I love the evolution of the breakfast food into penii and a face with a cum shot. Or the boob cinnabons from Sugartits. Or the signs on buildings for “baller china” from the “antiques for men, by men.” And Rachel changing Robert’s name to “AAA Jerkface” because he’s still important to be first in her contacts and insult him. Would I read this book without such great art? I may not still be reading it.

I assume Rachel stepped on a porno golem. And we’ll see it again. I’m waiting for Rachel and Robert to get sucked into this world. Maybe there’s a way you can join it.

I do think Jon and Suzie have a bit run their course. I’m excited to see more about the other characters in this world.

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