She Hulk #15 – Planet Without a Hulk







This is obviously a set up issue for the Planet Without a Hulk arc.

Jen’s super stressed with 1) her separation; 2) lack of reading S.H.I.E.L.D.’s fine print; 3) cleaning up the Hulk’s villains; and 4) having the feeling like something is missing in her life. At this point, I’m guessing that Jen’s supposed to be thinking that she’s missing John, being in love with John, and her regular job and friends. (I missed the support cast this week, especially with Awesome Andy’s and Pug’s heartbroken arcs. Maybe they’re drinking tequila somewhere and putting quarters in the jukebox to listen to Pasty Cline.) Jen acts in her normal stressed out ways of 1) work-work-work; 2) calling and ignoring Dr. Samson; and 3) having sex. Even she knows that Quartermain’s lame.

Slott’s meta-ing about the Hulk form. Abomination sees himself as ugly on the inside and reflects that on the outside in Hulk form. Samson, of course, asks Jen how she views herself. But I also wonder if it’s wanting to see yourself a certain way. Jen is super-attractive and does what she pleases as Hulk. She gets laid, parties, and kicks ass. It’s also interesting that she has more of her brain there when she’s Hulked compared to Bruce and other Hulk characters. I think it’s great continuity to the first issues of Slott’s first one where Wasp and the Scarlet Witch tell Jen that she’s the only woman they know who doesn’t want to be a size two.

In many ways, as a Hulk, Jen has it all. She has her brains, beauty, and brawns. She doesn’t have to walk the streets and worry that anyone will mess with her. Yes, she more likely to get into trouble as She Hulk, but she can still defend herself. She isn’t the “little woman”, which is the big issue in her relationship with John, who wants a little woman, not one who can swing around lampposts.

Slott also broke the fourth wall in #15 with Agent Cheesecake. Besides the name, she’s dressed in a revealing uniform with super high heels. (This is in contrast with Jen’s S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform that’s toe to neck covered with more sensible shoes.) She says, “I’m not a doll. I’m an LMD. Life. Model. Decoy. Programmed for Seduction Combat and Retrieval.” It’s interesting here that she’s taking out human tugs who are looting what Abomination has smashed and a town S.H.I.E.L.D. has halted. I find her a rather amusing comment on comics, and I am amused that she’s still more practical in depiction concerning her actions to apprehend the looters than many female superheros are drawn.

Cover: Cool in design and color wise. However, the eye is drawn directly to She Hulk’s breasts, which Horn needs to think about how boobs work when flying through the air. Hint: they need more support than that.

Writing: Slott’s pretty typical here. I’m disappointed that there’s not even hints about the supporting casts and their issues.

Art: Fun and action-adventure-y.

Overall: A solid issue, but leaves me wishing I had the next one to satisfy my reading urge.

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