She Hulk #16 – Planet Without a Hulk

Spoilers for She Hulk #16.Wolverine is one of my least favorite characters in Marvel U. He’s over-hyped, in too many things, and I’m not big on characters who can’t really ever be killed. I also don’t care for every female hitting on him. It would’ve slide under my radar about She Hulk hitting on Wolverine if he wasn’t played up as a stud.

So one can imagine that I wasn’t really excited for this issue and it took me a long while to read it. That and I’m trying to read Millar’s Superman: Red Son and yeah… It’s thwarting my comic enthusiasm as cool idea, Millar-execute.

The good thing about Slott writing is that he’s enough of a comic geek to do a decent job and Wolverine sounded like Wolverine. It makes me wonder if he could write a Rogue that wouldn’t make me cringe at her horrid accent. (And I’m not even from the U.S. South.)

Wolverine and She Hulk fight Wendigo = *yawn* Yeah, I get that’s she’s fighting Hulk villains… But the dialog just makes me wonder when She Hulk got so stupid. Like she forgot that she has super healing powers? Even the most ID-based characters don’t forget that.

I get that Slott used it to have She Hulk talk to herself, but seriously, I saw the Babylon 5 episode “Walkabout” and Dr. Franklin have to get stabbed to meet himself already, Slott. I’ve also watched due South enough to know that there are more interesting (and funny) things you can do in the wilds of Canada and where was Alpha Flight? (Or are they still dead from when Reed killed them in Ms. Marvel? Or was that Joss’ Astonishing X-Men? (There are too many damn things falling from the sky.)) They were in Canada, right? What does S.H.I.E.L.D. have control over?

Also, Slott, She Hulk did sleep with Juggernaut. I know it’s a thing to change canon with each writer, but Austen’s stuff is still considered canon even if you don’t like it. Wait a few more years from re-writing it as the Scarlet Witch’s delusions.

I really, really enjoyed the stuff with Mallory. Slott’s doing a great job at giving her storylines that show more than Mallory Book Hardass Lawyer. Using A Midsummer Night’s Dream was over-the-top and made me want to smack the Two Gun Kidd more than usual, but Slott did a great job showing Mallory’s horror, sadness, embarrassment, and anger over the Awesome Andy plotline.

I’ll be waiting for She Hulk to return to the law firm.

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