She Hulk #17 – Planet Without a Hulk

#17 was a filler, mostly.

It did give Jen her answer about where the Hulk is, maybe, and that Fury had something to do with it. Or at least S.H.I.E.L.D. does.


Mostly, I found the whole double standard talk between her and Tony a little too obvious for even Slott. And of course, Slott wasn’t going to give an answer. Sure, he could’ve written something witty or entertaining or asshole-ish Tony. But the truth is that Tony is not going to be the character with the answer. Jen knows the answer about the double standard in our society.

One of the best things about She Hulk as a character is that she is also very much Jen and subject to the rules of our universe. As a superhero, she believes that she should be outside those rules, that she should be a Wonder Woman type character. And perhaps if she was part of the DCU, she would be. But she’s stuck with Marvel and Slott, who will always bring about her insecurities.

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