She Hulk #18 – Planet Without Hulk

Long time since I’ve blogged here. Of course, I didn’t get my hands on #18 until last Thursday due to real life issues and it being sold out from my preferred comic shop.

First, I wish that Horn drew fight scenes better. While I’m glad that they look like they’re fighting, as opposed to pulling hair, the dynamic could’ve been sharper.

I’m so glad that Jen finally wised up and was like “why the hell do I hang out with all these jerks at S.H.I.E.L.D.?” And, furthermore, I’m glad that it was over her cousin, not Agent Cheesecake stealing her boyfriend or something. Of course, I do trust Slott to have better judgment than that. Even though he should at least have her say something like “I’m divorced” or something along those lines to clear up that plotline.

Though there’s a strong probability that upper-management was like “So, we’re doing this World War Hulk thing and She-Hulk’s going to be in the center of it, Slott.”

I highly approve of She Hulk doing my two favorite things, kicking ass and using her brains. Stark is so screwed. I’m almost surprised that he didn’t put her in suspended animation like the other hulk villains.

I do think it’s interesting to have Jen lose her hulk powers over something besides a mental block because, frankly, mental blocks were getting kind of old and almost too much of something that happens to women because they are crazy, emotional.

I hope Jen whips his butt.

Now if I can find the Hulk issues…

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