Shulkie Debates

The last issues of She Hulk has caused an uproar. (Because life has been kicking my ass, I have not actually got around to reading the issue and don’t want to weigh in until I have.) However, I have links.

Brainfreeze talks about #16

Other Magazine on #16: The guy who never bathes calls She-Hulk “sloppy.” Ohhhh kay…

Ragnell talks about Where She Hulk Lost Me

Mildredmilton response to Ragnell with She-Hulk, Sexual Assault, and Why I Think Dan Slott Did a Good Job

Rhyannonwrites questions Where She Hulk is going in terms of sexuality and being a competent, smart woman.

Iamza discusses her problems with the current plot in response to Rhyannonwrites.

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