Shutter #13, #14, and #15 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Shutter #13, Shutter #14, and Shutter #15 by Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca
Average rating: 4/5 stars

Shutter #13 Shutter #14 Shutter #15

Erica gives this comic five starsShutter #13 by Joe Keatinge
Art: Leila Del Duca

These “quiet” issues are my favorites. The ones where the characters have moments to regroup, figure things out, and think on life. And by quiet issue, this one ends in Kate running for her life and having to fight off a bunch of Prosperos, while discovering the person who rescued her claims to be her twin. We don’t know much else at all.

Love Aline being back in the game and on the hunt for Kate. She’s bossing around Harrington, and I’m actually curious about the new character, Madam Huckleberry, that’s introduced when Aline needs help. (Adore that Aline’s a scientist!) Is Huckleberry Kate’s ex?

Wilma acted too much like a keeper. I’m glad that secret wasn’t played out. Especially when the little boy noticed that his favorite author was sitting near them. Also glad that Wilma confirmed Kate’s memories would be coming back, even though her mother made it sound more permanent.

Venice’s landscape serves as a great background for both secrets and for a chase. Jumping over rooftops and through alleyways certain makes a more interesting tale. Though it still remains to be seen what Prospero was looking for in Kate’s memories. (Besides the location of her dad, which she doesn’t know at all.)

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsShutter #14 by Joe Keatinge
Art: Leila Del Duca

Once again, I’m extremely enjoying this book when it dives into the world and explaining Kate’s current reality. Happy to see that Keatinge is limiting Kate’s siblings to her being one of seven. And interesting to see that not all of them look human.

Grandpa Nero seems a bit ominous. But who isn’t dramatic in Kate’s family, except perhaps her. Does she seem like she’s gotten some of her memories back? I guess there are drugs.

Kalliyan’s really gotten more than she’s bargained for. I love that Cassius actually did save everyone from Shaw, though they still took Chris Jr. I’m surprised, but pleased, at this development given how upset he was with everyone, especially Kate.

More Cassius and more information about Kate’s family and life.

Erica gives this comic three starsShutter #15 by Joe Keatinge
Art: Leila Del Duca

So Kate’s grandpa gives her some peyote and they break the fourth wall of comics. Yeah, that’s really not what I was hoping for.

I did appreciate the weaving of the two threads together — Nero mentioning that their world was in need of new ideas and cooperation and then us seeing the very segregated Leonis, where only Lion-people live. (Or at least only those with fur.)

Of course, Shaw is a prince and one who gave up his title. He does act like he owns everything.

Not surprised to see his mom just rake him over the coals and suggest that if he wants to kill Christopher, just to do it. Good thing Cassius and Kalliyan are there for a rescue.

More about Kate’s family stat.

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