Shutter #19, #20, and #21 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Shutter #19, Shutter #20, and Shutter #21 by Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca
Average rating: 3.6/5 stars

Shutter #19 Shutter #20 Shutter #21

Erica gives this comic five starsShutter #19 by Joe Keatinge
Art: Leila Del Duca

This was the best issue in a very long time. Not only did it explain some of Christopher Sr.’s inconsistent and odd behavior — not to mention why he has so many children and how Kate got separated from her twin brother — but it also went into exactly what Kate and her siblings are up to. The more we hear about it, the worse Prospero sounds.

I do think Christopher Sr. gets portrayed here as a “good” father. Well as good as he could ever be. He has his reasons for leaving his children, and here is where he explains them. My major nitpick with this issue is I don’t think it makes this issue better to show a sympathetic Christopher. It’s interesting that this part of the story is labeled as “toy soldiers” when the narrative works to make you understand Christopher’s point-of-view.

This issue is brilliant because it shows, not tells, why Prospero became a problem for the Kristopher family and how the children ended up with such different lives. Kate was really the only one raised by her father.

The monochromatic tiles to show each of the different children worked really well. Same with the brilliance in layout that you could reach one kid’s story or read it page-to-page. That’s some talent in layout and storytelling and a wonderful collaboration between author and artist.

Erica gives this comic three starsShutter #20 by Joe Keatinge
Art: Leila Del Duca

I get what Keatinge was trying to tell with the story of Christopher’s first love Kate and their daughter — and his oldest child — Maieli. Maieli has lived on the “normal” side of the lake from the Kristophers her entire life. And she has a child. Which makes Kate turn her boat around.

After seeing a hard-nosed Christopher, here he’s a child and sweeter. Of course, the General is raising him to be the man he will become. Though we still the first time he steps away from a family. And the only reason he meets his first love is because he does what the General says.

Christopher really needed to learn how to use a condom.

My favorite part was Del Duca’s art. She cleverly uses another style — a more cartoon-like, innocent look — for the past. You never make the mistake of which time period they are in. A+ art here.

Erica gives this comic three starsShutter #21 by Joe Keatinge
Art: Leila Del Duca

I really love Zohra and how she bucks everything in the Kristopher’s world and in our world. Especially who we think about as technologically savvy. I do appreciate Keatinge addressing how magical, yet only sparsely technological, this world appears to be. Achebe also seems like the most levelheaded of all Christopher’s children. Clearly, Achebe inherited and learned his level-headedness from his moms.

That said, I feel as if the last several issues of this book has all been about introducing new characters. Keatinge and Del Duca are certainly very strong in the creation of new characters. I just now want to see more development around these characters. Besides Kate, Shaw, and Cassius (of all characters), we haven’t seen a ton of development and changes. We haven’t really gotten to know most of them.

And if we’re developing this big battle, it’d be great to know some of them better. Especially since a few are likely to die. And Kate may very much disappoint her mother.

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