Sliver of Ice, Episode 2: Ant-Man

Enjoy listening to episode #2 of my podcast where I delve into the recently released movie, Ant-Man, with tons of spoilers. I discuss the Women in Refrigerators trope, what it means for Ant-Man and dig into the Star Trek: TNG episode “Reunion.” I also added a recommendation section and suggest you buy Nonbinary by Melanie Gillman.

You can find more about the women in refrigerators trope. This is the original site and list created by Gail Simone and others.

If you haven’t seen Ant-Men, here’s the trailer:

You can stream Star Trek: TNG Netflix or Amazon. “Reunion” takes place in Season 4, Episode 7.

K'Ehleyr isn't into this bullshit.
K’Ehleyr isn’t into this bullshit.

If you’re still not sold on Nonbinary, here’s a panel from it:

Melanie Gillman's Nonbinary

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