Steeple #1, #2, and #3 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Steeple #1, Steeple #2, and Steeple #3 by John Allison, Sarah Stern, and Jim Campbell
Average rating: 4.3/5 stars

Steeple #1 Steeple #2 Steeple #3

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsSteeple #1 by John Allison (writer and art)
Art: Sarah Stern (colorist) and Jim Campbell (letterer)

I love Billie Back so much and Maggie Warren. They better be fucking by the end of this comic book. Those men at the Church of Satan were the worst. Maggie should drown them in the river and be girlfriends with Billie.

Billie’s the perfect mix of awkward innocence. Those big glasses and sweater were *chef’s kiss*. Same with getting drunk at the local pub, actually the Church of Satan, and when Reverend Penrose points it out, Billie says it’s “an excellent example of early-19th-century neoclassical” design.

I hope that we learn a little more about Penrose, and that he takes training Billie seriously. Even if it’s a joke that the Church of England doesn’t believe him and keeps sending him weak-willed trainees, Billie has to earn her keep. I like it when unassuming characters shine.

Then in the end, Maggie and Billie can ride in the Dykes on Bikes to start the small-town Pride parade.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsSteeple #2 by John Allison (writer and art)
Art: Sarah Stern (colorist) and Jim Campbell (letterer)

Yes, both Maggie and Billie are so into each other. I’m not sure Billie realizes it yet, and Maggie doesn’t want to think about what this would mean about her pledge to Satan.

The three things I loved in this issue:

1. When Billie rings Maggie’s doorbell and finds her in the middle of a blood sacrifice. The scenery was just perfectly gross and horrifying. Plus, all the Satanists were as cheeky as possible.

2. Billie getting the teenagers interested in something other than messing around. I live near a school, and let me tell you — most people freak way more about teens and bad behavior than they actually are committing. Also, I love that Billie does encourage their rapping.

3. The discovery that the sea creatures are not evil. Billie makes the connection that the adult and the child are a family. That the only reason they fight Penrose is that he punches them back. Except for food and maybe shelter from a storm, I’m unsure why they come to land when there’s a storm.

I do think Penrose needs further development. I’d like to see more of him having a relationship with Billie, especially since Billie may have literally changed his worldview. Mrs. Clovis is likewise a one note.

Some of the Cornish slang gets lost on me. But Allison does a pretty good job at balancing it, so even those of us who don’t know it will understand.

Erica gives this comic five starsSteeple #3 by John Allison (writer and art)
Art: Sarah Stern (colorist) and Jim Campbell (letterer)

I loved this issue. Anytime we can dive into what’s harmful about religions and how it’s not clear cut who’s going to “heaven,” I am there.

Oh, Billie, she’s going to have even more doubts around her work and now the fate of her immortal soul. It’s unclear why she didn’t start floating away with the others, in the same way, that Maggie started floating. Of course, I’d like to see them hash this out and then have sex. That’s the type of lesbian content I’m looking for.

I’m glad to see more characterization of Penrose. Particularly, seeing him visit his friend Pat. Yes, he’s still kind of all business — worried about the windmill farm and Charly and Jilly Kane — but at least we see him grabbling with what he will do with his time now that he knows the sea creatures are not evil.

Penrose teaming up with the Satanists was pretty great. When Maggie called Penrose a DILF, I cracked up. Stern’s choice to put Tom in his blasphemous priest collar, plus a pink jumper, was magical.

The crosses on the windmills were a delightful choice. Though I do wonder what the village is going to do about power. They could just de-cross the windmills and put them to work if they hadn’t been burnt down by some supernatural power.

Billie trying to save the children from seeing the dead Kanes was pretty funny. Sometimes, you just fly so high and fall.

Brian may be gross, but he’s not wrong that this town needs more women.

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