Steeple #4 and #5 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Steeple #4 and Steeple #5 by John Allison, Sarah Stern, and Jim Campbell
Average rating: 4.5/5 stars

Steeple #4 Steeple #5

Erica gives this comic five starsSteeple #4 by John Allison (writer and art)
Art: Sarah Stern (colorist) and Jim Campbell (letterer)

Another perfect note, but it was Witchfest! What isn’t great about it. Especially since there’s a bunch implied about how Billie and Maggie hook up while ecstatic dancing. This is my canon.

Of course, Billie managed to sign her volunteer form in blood. Even Penrose has resigned himself to whatever mess Billie gets herself into. It just happens!

The variety of witches were hilarious. The sea witches telling the tales of Penrose made me crack up. Allison did a brilliant job of drawing the Penrose of their imaginations. Especially in contrast with the sea witch who goes to steal his pants. (I seriously thought there was going to be some sexual assault, which made me uncomfortable, in an otherwise funny and light read.)

The elder witches that Billie drives around are my favorite. They’re such great types, and how they want Billie to join their coven feels beyond true for how women connect. I loved the story of their ups-and-downs throughout the decades as witchcraft’s popularity waxes and wanes.

The twist that Mrs. Clovis got a magical fix for her vacuum wasn’t something I saw coming. Same with Penrose leaving Billie in charge as he goes to find himself.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsSteeple #5 by John Allison (writer and art)
Art: Sarah Stern (colorist) and Jim Campbell (letterer)

This is not a wrap up: this is a cliffhanger!

Of course, while Penrose leaves Billie in charge, she manages to pledge her soul to Satan. He’s a very beefy boy.

It’s kind of a simple revelation that Billie tried to become a vicar because she was so bad and Maggie a Satanist because none of her good works ever became something true. I thought for a second that our two ladies were going to start dating each other finally. I can still hope. Maggie looked much more relaxed in her black clothing than her green protest sweatshirt.

We better get more of this. Too much time was spent on the vacuum cleaner.

Also, the mermen are evil? I wanted the truce to be real, as I think that would make it a more complicated story.

I do not understand the appeal of Tom. I don’t see Billie falling into his lead so quickly. If anything else, she’d be taking over the Satanic group. Billie’s a natural chaos leader.

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