The Best and the Worst of 2015 Comic Books

Yes, the time has come to say goodbye to 2015 and ring in 2016. Here’s a look back at the Best and the Worst of 2015* Comic Books.

The Best On-Going Series

Bitch Planet1. Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Val De Landro, and Robert Wilson IV
Average rating: 5/5

I love this blatantly intersectional feminist book so much. It packs a solid punch with each and every issue. Though it makes me sad that the book is late almost every month. However, the work and finesse that DeConnick and De Landro put into it make it layered, relevant, and scarily close to our reality. Not to mention the fantabulous essays in the back of every issue.

Read my reviews of Bitch Planet.

Lumberjanes2. Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, Brooke Allen, Kat Leyh, Brittney Williams, and Carolyn Nowak
Average rating: 4.9/5

This series was a runaway hit. I’m so happy for the success Lumberjanes has had, both in making it an ongoing series and for its creators, who are doing other amazing projects too. At its heart, this is a book about female friendship and that critical friendship during adolescence. Sure, there are dinosaurs, magical gods, mermaids, etc., but the core is the relationships between the girls. My only wish would be that when I was a girl, there was a great book like this.

Love live Lumberjanes! Friendship to the max!

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Love and Capes (Vol 4): What to Expect Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (Vol 4): What to ExpectErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (Vol 4): What to Expect by Thomas F. Zahler

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about how I’d feel about my favorite superhero and human couple, Mark and Abby, having a baby. I’m just not a fan of babies, and generally, these types of stories have me hiding my face. (I’ve never watched Knocked Up for instance.) However, Mark and Abby remain their adorable selves and their baby, like babies in real life, integrates into their lives. Plus, Zahler ends it with a great note.

I’m sad that this may be the final note of Love and Capes. Though you never know. Zahler may get tired of MLP.

I love the Doctor Karma brings his female counterpart Nathelia to help out Abby. I’m totally with her that female gynecologists are way better. I’m glad that Zahler acknowledged the superhero pregnancy trope, but made Abby safe.

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Love and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You Are Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You AreErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You Are by Thomas F. Zahler

This book continues to warm my heart. I love Abby and Mark so much; they continue to be the cutest couple in superhero comics ever.

Zahler is doing a great job showing how they’re growing together, from how Mark knows to tell Abby that Charlotte’s running the store to end their honeymoon to Abby knowing Mark’s habit of getting chocolates on a bad day.

I’m happy to see Abby growing in her career as she takes on leading the local business association. And it’s fun to see Amazonia and Paul develop their relationship together and the friendship between Charlotte and Paul and Amazonia and Abby. Amazonia meeting Paul’s parents and actually impressing his dad was adorable in that way that sometimes your parents unexpectedly like your significant other, when you think they won’t. Continue reading “Love and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You Are Graphic Novel Review”

Love and Capes (vol 2): Going to the Chapel Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (vol 2): Going to the ChapelErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (vol 2): Going to the Chapel by Thomas F. Zahler

As you can probably guess, I could draw hearts all over this book. I’m completely enamored with Abby and Mark and their relationship. Of course, like any good romantic comedy, it’s time for them to get married.

I loved Mark going to everyone to ask them how he should propose marriage to her. Blurstreak, the Booster Gold/Flash character, is pretty funny. I love him as the bachelor in the tale. The one who gives the worst advice to Mark. Mark’s parents reaction was so cute. And I love Charlotte being the one to point out how horrible public proposals are. Thank you, Zahler! Public proposals are awful and completely manipulative to get the person to say “yes.”

Adored that Mark ended up whisking Abby away to Hawaii to propose. Giving it some romance, sweetness, and privacy. Awe.

The continued story of Charlotte’s and Abby’s friendship is amazing. I love that Charlotte’s going to on with her life Continue reading “Love and Capes (vol 2): Going to the Chapel Graphic Novel Review”

Love and Capes (Vol 1) Graphic Novel Review

This is first installment of my video reviews, Sunday PJs & Comics. I hope you enjoy!

Love and Capes (Vol 1): Do You Want to Know a Secret? by Thomas F. Zahler

Love and Capes (vol 1) Do you want to know a secretErica gives this comic five stars


Welcome to my first installment of Erica’s Sunday PJs & Comic Book Reviews on my blog, 6’7 & Green. Today, I’ll be talking about how much I love Thomas F. Zahler’s Love & Capes. Love & Capes is a superhero book with a lot of heart. And, not to mention, some very adorable art. It centers around the relationship between Abby and Mark. Abby is a bookstore owner, and Mark is an accountant/superhero. Mark is definitely based on Superman, and Abby has a little Lois Lane in her. But she owns a bookstore, so she’s not getting into all the trouble Lois always found herself in.

Love & Capes, the first volume, called Do You Want to Know a Secret? follows the progression of Abby and Mark’s relationship. And I love stories that show how two people fall in love because you kind of fall in love with them. Continue reading “Love and Capes (Vol 1) Graphic Novel Review”