Black Widow: Deadly Origin Graphic Novel Review

Black Widow: Deadly OriginErica gives this comic two starsBlack Widow: Deadly Origin by Paul Cornell
Art: Tom Raney and John Paul Leon

So I have yet to forgive Cornell for those Doctor Who episodes where Martha was stuck in the racist past and pining after the Doctor and the load of bullshit that was. But wow, does he mess up Black Widows origin story, including making it all about the romantic men in Natasha’s life and about Ivan. Okay, yes, Natasha calls out Ivan at the end that he’s made her life about all the men and about his unrequited love of her. But Cornell also writes that story. It’s not Ivan who remembers those intimate moments Natasha has with her exes, but Natasha herself. Especially the moments where the romance ends.

The Black Widow is a spy, and I expect a spy story. I expect stories like Richard K. Morgan’s books about her that layer her past, or hell, even the romance parts of her story with Bucky from Ed Brubaker are even less about romance.

Instead, Black Widow: Deadly Origin is about every man that Natasha’s been intimate with. Continue reading “Black Widow: Deadly Origin Graphic Novel Review”