Queer Comic Book Characters: Renee Montoya (Oct 11th)

In the introduction for Gotham Central: Half a Life trade paperback, author Greg Rucka writes, “Ordinary people have secret identities, too.”

Today is National Coming Out Day. As both a queer woman and an English major, I’ve read a million and one coming out stories. There are entire anthologies devoted to real life coming out stories and almost every LGBT fictional or biographical book has an embedded coming out story.

This is not to say that coming out, especially the first time(s) and to authority figures, isn’t a big thing. In fact, being out is a privilege that not all queer people have. However, in literature, this type of story becomes cliche or a safe tale to tell about the gay experience.

Then came along Renee Montoya and her coming out story in Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Gotham Central: Half a Life. It rocked my socks.

Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya

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Queer Comic Book Characters: Batwoman (Oct 4th)

The D.C. Comic’s PR machine certainly hyped the new Batwoman, specifically the fact that Kate Kane is a lesbian. Before Kate made her first appearance in 52 #7, everyone had an opinion on this lipstick lesbian who was fighting crime in high heels and a cape. However, unlike many who brushed Kate off as a publicity stunt, I’d actually read Greg Rucka’s writing before and trusted him to created a solid background for Kate. For better or worse, 52 was the first DC book I really picked up on my weekly pull list.

Kate Kane, aka Batwoman

Batwoman (Kate Kane)

Like her male counterpart, Kate comes from a wealthy family and is a socialite. It’s revealed that she’s the ex-girlfriend (in something of an off-and-on again relationship) with detective-turned-superhero Renee Montoya. However, Renee is not the reason that Kate takes up the cowl. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Characters: Batwoman (Oct 4th)”