Queer Comic Characters: Aleksandr Creote (Oct 3rd)

Created by author Gail Simone, Creote started out as a villain, reformed, then became slightly villainous, and now may be completely in the good hero fold again. To most, Creote is a former KGB special agent and the muscle. But if he has one defining characteristic, it’s his love for and devotion to Brian “Savant” Durlin.

Aleksandr Creote

Aleksandr Creote

When first introduced, Savant and Creote capture Black Canary in order to discover just who Oracle is. Savant is a computer genius battling Oracle, who’s been stopping his crimes. Savant is the one who beats Black Canary on the orders of Savant. It’s quickly clear that Savant is oblivious to Creote’s affections for him. And also that Creote is far more than just the muscle in his and Savant’s relationship, in all its varying states.

However, Oracle (aka Barbara Gordon) manages to reform both of the two criminals, and she brings them into the Birds of Prey. Continue reading “Queer Comic Characters: Aleksandr Creote (Oct 3rd)”