Madame Xanadu: Broken House of Cards (Vol 3) Graphic Novel Review

Madame Xanadu Vol 3Erica gives this comic five stars

Madame Xanadu: Broken House of Cards (Vol 3) by Matt Wagner
Art: Amy Reeder and Richard Friend

Madame Xanadu was back in form for this volume. Reeder’s art was a re-welcomed addition. She just captures Madame Xanadu and her world so wonderfully. I love the facial expressions and the angles. Friend’s art was also a nice addition to the story.

I loved this 1950s story. It felt right for the era. The focus on the suburban wackiness. The need to have all the newest appliances, the perfect relationships, the dresses, the sexist gender roles, and of course, the casual obsession with Satanism. I adore that Madame Xanadu takes the latter with a grain of salt. She knows this is not “Satan” probably because she doesn’t believe any such creature exists. Continue reading “Madame Xanadu: Broken House of Cards (Vol 3) Graphic Novel Review”

Queer Comic Book Character: Thunder (Oct 27th)

Anissa Pierce aka Thunder is the daughter of Black Lightening. She is a medical student, and her father does not want her to become a superhero and instead continue with her studies. After graduation, Anissa puts on her costume and a wig and goes out to fight as Thunder. She’s recruited almost right away by the Red Arrow to be part of the Outsiders.



Thunder has the power to increase her mass, while maintaining her volume. When she does this, she’s nearly immovable and almost invulnerable. Thunder also can create shock-waves while stomping on the ground. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Thunder (Oct 27th)”