The Question Vol 1: Zen and Violence Graphic Novel Review

The Question Vol 1: Zen and ViolenceErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

The Question: Zen and Violence Vol 1 by Dennis O’Neil
Art: Denys Cowan

With the exception of Cowan’s art very ’80s comic book, The Question: Zen and Violence really stands the test of time quite well. Sure some hairstyles and outfits are outdated, but the book itself feels fresh. This feels like the type of story that modern comic book editors would eat up with a spoon.

Having only encountered Vic Sage later in his life, I was kind of surprised to find that he was not always interested in being a zen guy with a mission. He was once an ace investigative reporter (which we all know I have a soft spot for, see Murphy Brown and Lois Lane) and had a hot temper. I rather loved his origin story Continue reading “The Question Vol 1: Zen and Violence Graphic Novel Review”

Reviews The Question #37 (Blackest Night tie-in)

Question #37Erica gives this comic five starsThe Question #37 (Blackest Night tie-in) by Dennis O’Neil and Greg Rucka

This issue made me really want to go back and read the 80’s Question series. I want to know more about Charlie and his life. The first few pages with the recaps of his life and deaths work so well to frame the story. A great kick-off to a great story.

This issue also made me so happy to have a full-sized issue dedicated to Renee’s storyline. I miss that. I miss having so much reading material at my fingertips. I love seeing her spunky and no-nonsense attitude.

But at the heart of it, this issue highlights the life of Tot Rodor. Continue reading “Reviews The Question #37 (Blackest Night tie-in)”