Queer Comic Book Character: Loki (Oct 9th)

Loki is Thor’s mischievous trickster god brother and often Thor’s enemy as well. He’s a super-villain who’s generally portrayed as being completely out for himself. He’s based on the Norse God both in personality and powers.

For most of his long-run in Marvel Comics, Loki is portrayed as a man. However, when the Norse Gods are all killed — Loki is beheaded by Thor — all the Gods are reborn in canon. And Loki is reborn as a woman. Loki seems to enjoy her female body and constantly refers to herself as “her.” However, it is revealed that Loki is more two-spirited than transgendered at rebirth given Loki’s male form is inside her body. (Comic book plotlines can be so impossible to describe.)


Loki in both female and male forms
Loki as both a woman and a man

In her new form, Loki claims she can’t lie anymore. But if that’s true, she can still go about tricking people with the truth and causing havoc against her brother Thor. She also joins Norman Osborn’s secret cabal with Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, Namor, and the Hood. Loki seems to be the wildcard which Norman’s placing his bets on will be helpful when she’s needed. Osborn promises her Asgard as the Cabal plots to take over the world. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Loki (Oct 9th)”

Queer Comic Book Character: Christian Frost (Oct 8th)

I’m sad to say that I missed yesterday the 7th. I was foiled by my vacation and lack of internet access. No, not everyone’s grandma has the internet at her home. Anyway, without further ado…

Christian Frost

Christian Frost
Christian Frost

Christian Frost is Emma Frost’s older brother. He appears mostly in more recent back-stories concerning Emma and the rest of the Frost family. Christian was set to takeover the Frost empire and is portrayed as the least rebellious and the only non-mutant of all the Frost children. He was very close to his sister Emma. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Christian Frost (Oct 8th)”

X-Men Origins: Emma Frost Comic Book Review

X-Men Origins: Emma Frost #1Erica gives this comic three starsX-Men Origins: Emma Frost by Valerie D’Orazio

I think D’Orazio and I have the same viewpoint on Emma Frost. Almost none of this comic rang untrue to my interpretation of who Emma is. She’s very much a self-made woman, sculpted by her life, but rising into her diamond form. However…

D’Orazio went after the really obvious story for Emma’s origins: the influence of men in her life. Namely her growing up in a rich family with a hard-as-nails, domineering father, Winston Frost, and her romance/partnership with Sebastian Shaw. The very last line of this comic has Emma crediting everything she is to her father: that he made her into a “very successful woman.” I almost felt like this was more a story about Winston Frost than Emma.

Plus, I completely disagree with the angle of abuse shown from Sebastian Shaw to Emma. Or put another way, I don’t see Emma submitting to Sebastian without a clear angle. I couldn’t figure out if that was D’Orazio’s view of the Sebastian/Emma relationship or if it was just sloppy writing. I’m not one to argue for authorial indent, but I wouldn’t mind hearing what D’Orzaio’s point-of-view is. In an essay, not a comic book.

D’Orzaio touches on Emma’s connection to her students. However, I’d make the argument that Emma becoming a teacher had a more profound effect on her life, considering they’re the reason she does become a hero instead of villain. Oh, she’s still very much Emma. But is now using her powers for good instead of evil.

As far as the art, Moline’s drawings are both interestingly geometrical and grotesque. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I didn’t. I don’t think he fits the “comic genre,” but that’s okay. If nothing else, he certainly knows how to draw the imposing father figure.

I’d had a lot of hope for this single issue as I adore Emma Frost. But the story just didn’t share anything new about Emma.

Queer Comic Book Characters: Jonas Graymalkin (Oct 17th)

The majority of Jonas Graymalkin’s time in Marvel’s Young X-Men was spent in the closet. This is no surprise considering Jonas was born over 200 years ago when attitudes about being gay were very different.

Jonas Graymalkin

Jonas Greymalkin

During an attack on the X-Mansion, the ground splits apart and Jonas appears. He’s found by Cipher and joins the Young X-Men. Though since his powers are attached to being in darkness, he tends to keep to the shadows. He’s very protective of the Young X-Men, but many of them don’t even realize he’s there. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Characters: Jonas Graymalkin (Oct 17th)”