Queer Comic Book Character: Chili Storm (Oct 30th)

Chili Storm got her start in the Millie the Model comics in 1945. She was Millie Collins’ sometimes competitor, sometimes enemy, sometimes companion, and sometimes friend. Filling in whatever role the writers needed to put her in.

Chili Storm

Chili Storm
Chili Storm

Chili started out as a modern model stereotype and the antithesis of Millie. When Millie was kind, Chili was self-serving. When Millie was humble about being a model, Chili was vain. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Chili Storm (Oct 30th)”

Queer Comic Book Characters: Tim Gunn (Oct 3rd)

Okay, this is almost cheating. However, Marvel went and immortalized Tim Gunn in comic book form. And that was the only reason I picked up Models Inc. #1.

Tim Gunn

Models Inc #1 and Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is most famous for being the mentor on Project Runway, which is where I fell in love with him. He’s truly an amazing mentor to those contestants and the women seeking fashion advice on his other show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. Tim’s also famous for revolutionizing the curriculum at Parsons: The New School for Design in New York City. Tim is openly gay, and one of the most respected voices in fashion.

My review of Tim Gunn’s only comic: Models Inc. #1 by Paul Tobin. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Characters: Tim Gunn (Oct 3rd)”