Love and Capes (Vol 4): What to Expect Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (Vol 4): What to ExpectErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (Vol 4): What to Expect by Thomas F. Zahler

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about how I’d feel about my favorite superhero and human couple, Mark and Abby, having a baby. I’m just not a fan of babies, and generally, these types of stories have me hiding my face. (I’ve never watched Knocked Up for instance.) However, Mark and Abby remain their adorable selves and their baby, like babies in real life, integrates into their lives. Plus, Zahler ends it with a great note.

I’m sad that this may be the final note of Love and Capes. Though you never know. Zahler may get tired of MLP.

I love the Doctor Karma brings his female counterpart Nathelia to help out Abby. I’m totally with her that female gynecologists are way better. I’m glad that Zahler acknowledged the superhero pregnancy trope, but made Abby safe.

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