Queer Comic Book Character: Mystique (Oct 25th)

Mystique may have made her first appearance in only 1978 (Ms. Marvel #16), but she’s a very popular villain and appears in many X-Men comic books. She’s a mutant with shape-shifting abilities. Luckily for her, Mystique’s shape-shifting rejuvenates her cells and stops her from aging. She’s also a highly trained terrorist and spy.



Mystique has a long and sordid history fighting with various versions of Magento’s Brotherhood of Mutants against both anti-mutant human organizations and the X-Men. Though through everything she’s done, Mystique seems to believe that she’s doing it for the good of mutant kind. She wants them to survive as a species.

Mystique is portrayed as having male and female lovers. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Mystique (Oct 25th)”

Girl Comics #3 Comic Book Review

Girl Comics #3Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsGirl Comics #3

I think I’m rather sad that this series is ending, and it’s taken me longer than normal to put together my review, post-reading it. I hope Marvel continues to make an effort in hiring talented women to write, draw, color, ink, letter, edit, etc. their comic books. I would hate to see this “marketing stunt” turn just into that.

Jo Chen’s cover is my least favorite out of all the Girl Comics‘ covers. First, I don’t think they’re all super tall. Like beyond supermodel tall. Nor do I think they are as skinny (or could be that skinny). With some minor adjustments, this would actually be a pretty cool cover. A very striking one.

The biographies this time were rather interesting. They focused on Louise Simonson, Ann Nocenti, and Glynis Oliver. With exception of Oliver, the other two women each had a story following their bio. It made me want longer biographies on the rest of the women featured in Girl Comics. Maybe an add-on for the hardcover anthology? Continue reading “Girl Comics #3 Comic Book Review”