Ms. Marvel #19 Comic Book Review

Ms. Marvel #19Erica gives this comic five starsMs. Marvel #19 by G. Willow Wilson
Art: Adrian Alphona

This book pretty much gets five stars for the entire conversation between Kamala and Disha. Such a lovely recognition of a great mother-daughter relationship. Disha understands how the values she’s installed in her daughter have translated into Kamala — once she got superpowers — spending her time being a hero and how proud that made Disha.

Alphona draws this scene beautifully. With the perfect emotions on their faces. So many hugs and so very real.

Also loved Kamala just taking the time to spend these so-called final moments with the people who she cares about. Or those that she’s worked so hard to save from utter disaster. Continue reading “Ms. Marvel #19 Comic Book Review”