Queer Comic Book Character: Thundra (Oct 26th)

Thundra is something of Marvel’s answer to feminism, in an attempt to mock or make fun of it. At least in her beginnings in the early 1970s. Thundra’s a Femizon from an alternative universe 23rd century Earth which is ruled by women. Thundra is the leader of her people and has had military training since the age of 8. With the help of genetic engineering, she has super strength, speed, stamina, and agility. Thundra is without a doubt, the muscle.



Thundra first comes to Marvel’s continuity time-traveling to fight the Thing. She believes the Thing to be history’s strongest man, and she wants to kick his butt. Thundra does so in hopes that she’ll prove once and for all that women are superior to men and prevent the male-dominated Machus dimension from coming about. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Thundra (Oct 26th)”

Comic Book Review for Girl Comics #2

Girl Comics #2Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsComic book review for Marvel’s anthology, Girl Comics #2.

Like I mentioned in my post reviewing Girl Comics #1, I love the concept of this series. I love this as an anthology of women authors and artists. I love the spirit, even if not every story rocks my world. Say what you will, but it matters that Marvel Comics took the time to do this.

Jill Thompson’s cover is really great. I love the fairy tale aspect. I love that the heroes and damsels-in-distress are all the women characters.

Once again, they did a great job with some history lessons about women working at Marvel Comics over the years. This one features June Tarpe Mills, who wrote and illustrated Miss Fury the first female Marvel hero title by a woman creator; Ruth Atkinson, creator of Millie the Model; Valerie Barclay, Golden Age inker extraordinaire; and Linda Fite, who went from assistant to writer and created The Cat. I really wanted to read the comics these women created and worked on. Continue reading “Comic Book Review for Girl Comics #2”