Osborn #1, #2, and #3 Comic Book Reviews

Since this review was posted, Warren Ellis was outed as an abuser. As comic books are a collective effort, this review will remain live, but I cannot in good faith recommend purchasing this book or other works by this person.

Comic book reviews for Osborn #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, The Prime of Miss June Covington by Warren Ellis, Osborn #2 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Osborn #3 by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Average rating: 5/5 stars.

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Queer Comic Book Character: Loki (Oct 9th)

Loki is Thor’s mischievous trickster god brother and often Thor’s enemy as well. He’s a super-villain who’s generally portrayed as being completely out for himself. He’s based on the Norse God both in personality and powers.

For most of his long-run in Marvel Comics, Loki is portrayed as a man. However, when the Norse Gods are all killed — Loki is beheaded by Thor — all the Gods are reborn in canon. And Loki is reborn as a woman. Loki seems to enjoy her female body and constantly refers to herself as “her.” However, it is revealed that Loki is more two-spirited than transgendered at rebirth given Loki’s male form is inside her body. (Comic book plotlines can be so impossible to describe.)


Loki in both female and male forms
Loki as both a woman and a man

In her new form, Loki claims she can’t lie anymore. But if that’s true, she can still go about tricking people with the truth and causing havoc against her brother Thor. She also joins Norman Osborn’s secret cabal with Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, Namor, and the Hood. Loki seems to be the wildcard which Norman’s placing his bets on will be helpful when she’s needed. Osborn promises her Asgard as the Cabal plots to take over the world. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Character: Loki (Oct 9th)”

Queer Comic Book Characters: Victoria Hand

Victoria is awesome. She was by far my favorite part of the whole Dark Reign business where she served as Norman Osborn’s right hand. In fact, she was the sanity to his every crazy plot. I love when she was in control and being the only who was awesome at her job.

Victoria Hand

Victoria Hand
Victoria Hand

Before running Osborn’s evil empire, Victoria was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Characters: Victoria Hand”

Queer Comic Book Characters: Daken Akihiro (Oct 2nd)

Not all queer characters are good people. Daken is a sociopath and a killer. In fact, he’s rather a bad stereotype of a predatory bisexual person. He can generate pheromones to attract and manipulate people. Only instead of breaking your heart, he may just break your neck. Daken’s also the son of Wolverine. Maybe that isn’t surprising. (Yep, just being a Wolverine hater.)

Daken Akihiro

Daken Akihiro

Daken is a rather new character on the scene, only created in 2007. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Characters: Daken Akihiro (Oct 2nd)”

Reviews Rescue #1

Rescue #1Erica Gives This Comic Four Stars

Rescue #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick

As a story about Pepper Potts and her time as Rescue, I loved this. I’d been wanting to read the story about how Pepper felt when she gave up her powers for Tony. And here she is, stuck doing “nothing” in Bronson and imagining a conversation between herself and Happy, her dead husband.

What I didn’t like about the story was Mutti’s art. Particularly the way he draws hair. Happy’s hair looks like a helmet, and Pepper’s hair looks like a mullet. I know, as someone with long hair, that it breaks and you get fly-aways. However, in profile and back drawings of Pepper, it looks like she’s competing against Shatterstar’s 90’s look for the best ginger mullet. And at points, I found it distracting — instead of adding to — the story.

As far as DeConnick’s story, I really enjoyed it. I love Pepper being a superhero, Continue reading “Reviews Rescue #1”