Queer Comic Book Characters: Utahraptor (Oct 8th)

To lighten things up after Watchmen, our next gay comic hero is the orange dinosaur Utahraptor from Dinosaur Comics. For those of you who’ve never read the often too poignant and meaningful to my life Dinosaur Comics, the web comic is the same six panel layout every day with mostly only the words changing.


Utahraptor comes out
The pivotal scene where Utahraptor reminds T-Rex they once slept together.

Utahraptor serves as T-Rex’s comedic foil in the stories. Which means, he generally points out how wrong or insensitive T-Rex is being and offers up his own opinion. In Episode 4, Utahraptor is confirmed to be gay; however, as creator Ryan North points out, Utahraptor has lots of other interests besides his own sexuality.

At one point, Utahraptor and T-Rex were roommates and had a sexual, and possible romantic relationship. T-Rex conveniently forgot this, but Utahraptor still holds a torch for T-Rex. Perhaps a future episode will feature them hooking back up, which I’m sure T-Rex will suffer from more selective amnesia about.