Madame Xanadu (vol 2): Exodus Noir Graphic Novel Review

Madame Xanadu (vol 2): Exodus NoirErica gives this comic three stars

Madame Xanadu (vol 2): Exodus Noir by Matt Wagner
Art: Michael Wm. Kaluta

I loved the first Madame Xanadu story, so I’m sad to say that I was a bit disappointed by this one. The story was entertaining enough, and the art was okay. It just didn’t capture me.

The art was the first major drawback in this book. Kaluta draws too much. I know this is a weird thing to say; as usually with comic artists trying to crank out enough to fill an issue, they tend to draw too little. However, Kaluta needed to take Coco Chanel’s advice, take off one thing before you leave home. Or in this case, take out some of the lines and some of the action. It was just too much all around.

Story-wise, Wagner’s juxtaposition of the current Madame Xanadu in New York City in 1940 doing her fortune reader / mystery solver days and then Madame Xanadu in Spain during the Inquisition was just too much. Too many contrasting ideas. Continue reading “Madame Xanadu (vol 2): Exodus Noir Graphic Novel Review”