Madame Xanadu (vol 1): Disenchanted Graphic Novel Review

Madame Xanadu Vol 1 DisenchantedErica gives this comic five starsMadame Xanadu (vol 1): Disenchanted by Matt Wagner

Madame Xanadu is just an awesome tale that spans centuries. Thanks to the staff at Dreamstrands Comics for recommending the series to me. You were right; I did love it.

Madame Xanadu starts off as the young Nimue Inwudu in the world of Camelot. She is the sister of Morgana le Fey and Vivienne, the Lady of the Lake, and they are descendants of the elder folk, each on having magical powers. Nimue is particularly connect to the earth. She’s able to foresee the future by using nature.

Nimue is also the lover of Merlin. Continue reading “Madame Xanadu (vol 1): Disenchanted Graphic Novel Review”