iZombie (vol 2): uVampire Graphic Novel Review

iZombie (vol 2): uVampireErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

iZombie (vol 2): uVampire by Chris Roberson
Art: Michael Allred

iZombie continues to be packed with a lot of different storylines and tales to tease out of it. Allred’s art is still beyond awesome, and one of the most enjoyable parts of the book.

I love the story about Gwen as a human, which worked as both nice insight into her pre-death (definitely not one who believed in monsters) and as an introduction to Tricia, her former best friend.

The entire story of Spot and his grandfather Marvin was a little weak. As much as I appreciated backstory on Spot, it was a little too much all at once. We found out about Spot’s childhood, his entire relationship with his grandfather, how he became a wereterrier, and how he met Gwen and Ellie.

I’m still not quite sure why Spot didn’t go to Ellie earlier about advice Continue reading “iZombie (vol 2): uVampire Graphic Novel Review”