The Best and the Worst of 2011 Comic Books

Yes, the time has come to say goodbye to 2011 and ring in 2012. Here’s a look back at the Best and the Worst of 2011* Comic Books.

The Best On-Going Series

Echo #261. Echo by Terry Moore
Average rating: 4.7/5 stars
Reading rating: Teen

Moore’s Echo finished with a bang (or did it?) this year. A story of Julie, the unlikely superhero, and stopping the end of the world, Moore’s work is consistently great and on-point. For those scared of the tome that is Strangers in Paradise, check out this much shorter work.
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Punisher #52. Punisher by Greg Rucka, Marco Checchetto, Matthew Clark, and Matthew Southworth
Average rating: 4.3/5 stars
Reading rating: Teen

I never thought I’d like a Punisher book as much as I love this one from Rucka. Dive into the gritty world of Frank Castle, his mission, and the fall-out of villains, reporters, cops, and victims. With some beautiful art to accompany it.
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Batwoman #23. Batwoman by J.H. Williams, W. Haden Blackman, and Amy Reeder Hadley
Average rating: 4.3/5 stars
Reading rating: Teen

The most anticipated comic (for me) ever. Anyone reading my blog is probably not surprised that I love Batwoman. Kate Kane is probably one of my favorite characters ever, and in combination with Williams’ art, this title has been making me very happy. I only want more.
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True Blood: All Together Now Graphic Novel Review

True Blood: All Together NowErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

True Blood: All Together Now by Alan Ball, Kate Barnow, Elisabeth Finch, Mariah Huehner, and David Tischman
Art: David Messina

I’ve read all the Sookie Stackhouse books and watch True Blood, so buying the comic book was a no-brainer. However, I am often leery of TV-adapted comic books as sometimes they aren’t as well cared for and executed as one would hope. So I was pleasantly surprised when All Together Now turned out to be just as entertaining as the TV show and books.

When I first started reading, I wasn’t a huge fan of Messina’s art. However, as I got further into the book, I began to appreciate it more, especially as Messina varied his style in the flashbacks. And he chose an appropriate penciling technique to really bring out the emotions of each character in their unique flashback.

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