True Blood (Vol 2): Tainted Love Graphic Novel Review

True Blood (Vol 2): Tainted LoveErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

True Blood (Vol 2): Tainted Love by Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian
Art: Joe Corroney and Stephen Moinar

I’m really super confused at what timeline this story’s taking place in. Because the relationships people have with each other, they just don’t seem to match up. And if you’re appealing to die-hard True Blood fans, you better have your timelines straight.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty entertaining story. I’m glad that we got to know more about Jessica and her past, even if the story was very focused on the night that she was turned into a vampire by Bill. Though sexual assault? Gross.

Hoyt convincing everyone to throw a prom for Jessica was very sweet. And very Hoyt.

I’m kind of surprised that neither the show nor the books have had a plot about someone tainting the True Blood supply before. Seems like an obvious target for the vampire haters and Fellowship of the Sun. Continue reading “True Blood (Vol 2): Tainted Love Graphic Novel Review”

Queer Comic Book Characters: Ramsey Spencer (Oct 11th)

Ramsey first appears in Manhunter Vol 3 #2, and he spends most of his time the comic book as an six-year-old. Which means there’s a lot of him doing kid things like playing with his robot dog Thor, hanging out with his great-grandparents who are conveniently metahumans and still alive, and wanting to spend more time with his mother, Kate aka Manhunter.

Ramsey Spencer

Ramsey Spencer
Ramsey Spencer

Most of time, I’m not a huge fan of children in comics, but Marc Andreyko does a wonderful job at weaving him into the fabric of Kate’s story. A couple times he gets himself into trouble. Continue reading “Queer Comic Book Characters: Ramsey Spencer (Oct 11th)”