Reviews Firestar

Firestar #1Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsFirestar by Sean McKeever

For a while I wasn’t sure how I felt about this book. She Has No Head! pointed out that Firestar is written more like a Lifetime movie-of-the-week than a superhero comic book. Personally, I think there’s a place for Lifetime-like books. However, Marvel’s marketing department and distribution needs to do some catching up before books like this will actually sell where they should. Continue reading “Reviews Firestar”

Reviews Siege: Young Avengers

Siege: Young AvengersErica Gives This Comic Four StarsSiege: Young Avengers by Sean McKeever

I liked this comic a lot. I miss the Young Avengers, and this tale felt like a breath of fresh air into their mythology. I haven’t been reading the Siege title or tie-ins in comics I don’t read. But these big action comics have more punching than story. Which is part of why I love McKeever’s character-based story. Continue reading “Reviews Siege: Young Avengers”